The Project


In 2016 Cristian decided to fusion his passion for architecture and nature and build a wooden cabin. That December he bought one hectare of land in the woods of Budesti and started planning how the cabin should be.

Since the beginning, Cristian wanted to carry out this project with his parents to spend more time with them and to build something together.


The Cabana was built by Cristian and his dad using traditional methods and just the indispensable help of machines.

Together with his parents and wife, Cristian has designed and built the cabin from scratch. They have also made all the cabin’s wooden and stone furniture with their hands.

Cristian’s dad, Marius, is a great sculpture with outstanding ideas. He made, for example, the unique kitchen and bathroom sinks and the original tables from the living room and terrace. Cristian’s mum, Friedi, has skillfully sewed all the blankets, cushion covers and duvets as well as the beautiful red curtains with lots of love.

The fact of being handmade makes the Cabana unique and full of personality. The combination of all the artisan pieces and the smell of wood and lavender won’t leave you indifferent.


We have always cared about the environment, and that is why we are going to give back to nature what it has given us: in autumn we are going to plant the same amount of trees that we needed to build the cabin. All those trees were only cut from forests nearby with a too high abundance of trees, so they couldn’t breath easily.

The cabin is equipped with two solar panels. Using clean, pure energy from the sun helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuels.




Like father, like son

We had the first visitors (but the Cabana was not finished yet)

New year’s eve: the cabin looks finished but it was empty inside.

2019: the countdown